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Qontrol Core

The Qontrol Core is the base software package that all LMC Consulting digital products are based upon, including this website that you are browsing now. We designed the Qontrol Core to be the perfect starting solution for all web enabled software applications regardless of size and scale. Whether it is a website, webstore or a custom software application that we create for you, the Qontrol Core is the perfect starting point.

Australian Based Servers

You will not have to wait for your data to 'cross the pond' because all instances of the Qontrol Core are deployed on enterprise grade servers located right here in Australia to ensure the fastest possible loading times of your digital assets.

Future Proof

The Qontrol Core is constantly being impoved and upgrade by our internal team of developers and engineers so you will never have to patch, secure or upgrade anything. All security updates and server upgrades are included in your Qontrol Core subscription free of charge for the life time of your Qontrol Core subscription.

Lightweight and Responsive

The Qontrol Core has been designed to be lightweight by eliminating any unnecessary components while being responsive enough to adjust to the viewing size of your selected device. You will never be searching through unnecessary bloat or components for the functionality that you need because all instances of the Qontrol Core only include the plugins that you require.

Expandable Plugins

The Qontrol Core has a large variety of customisable plugin components that can expand the functionality of your Qontrol Core instance. Simply contact your LMC dedicated consultant to expand your Qontrol Core instance with your selected plugin from the list below, or we can tailor make a custom plugin that fulfils your requirements.

Qontrol Core image


Articles and blog posting

Qontrol Core image


Calendar and shedualing

Qontrol Core image

Email Control

Sending emails

Qontrol Core image

Equipment Control

Manage equipment and tools

Qontrol Core image

Lead Generation

Manage potential customers

Qontrol Core image


Direct messaging

Qontrol Core image

Payment Gateway

Collect digital payments

Qontrol Core image


Reports and statistics

Qontrol Core image

Stock Control

Manage inventory and sales

Qontrol Core image

Support Tickets

Manage support tickets

Qontrol Core image

User Control

Manage staff and users

Custom Plugins

Sometimes the right tool is not an 'off the shelf' solution. If a piece of functionality that you require does not already exist we can tailor make a custom plugin for the Qontrol Core to fulfil your requirements. Contact us today to speek to a dedicated consultant about a custom made plugin to expand the functionality of your Qontrol Core instance.